Bradenton Riverwalk cameras up and running

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BRADENTON, Fla. -- Bradenton Police do a good job of keeping an eye on their city but they can’t be every where at all times so now police have a new tool to help them keep watch even when they aren’t present.

“This is going to help us keep several viewpoints of the Riverwalk area, skate park, splash pad, every where that tourist come down to visit the city,” said Lt. James Racky.

26 security cameras are being installed along the Riverwalk. 12 of the 26 cameras are up and running and being monitored by the front desk officer at the Bradenton Police Department.  “That way we can find out if somebody is being hassled, somebody is being a victim of a crime, something is happening that we need to take action on, we will see it as long as it in one of our camera views.”

The camera system will also run on a digital recording loop with each day’s video being kept for 45 days.

The Downtown Development Authority provided the funds for the $60,000 security camera system.  “We don’t have an issue right now, we just always wanted to remain proactive,” says David Gustafson, Executive Director of the Downtown Development Authority. 

The cameras are a preventive measure to continue keeping residents and guests safe while visiting downtown.  “We did a lot of polling of the community prior to the installation of these cameras, and well over 90% of everybody that we spoke to were very much in favor of them.”

Rossi Park visitors we spoke with are happy about the cameras. 

“The first thing I said to them was did you see the new cameras they put up in here. I’ve got no problem with cameras,” said Anita Glasgow. She thinks the cameras will help deter any possible criminal activity in the popular downtown park.

Daniela Bordea agrees.  “Having the camera, I think why not. It makes us feel more safe.”

The installation of all 26 cameras should be complete in two weeks. Once the installation is complete the Bradenton Police will provide training for their officers and show them how they will be able to access the live video and recorded video right from a smart phone or tablet.

The Downtown Development Authority also plans to install cameras in the city hall parking lot and on Main Street.