Bradenton man arrested for battery and holding girlfriend against her will

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BRADENTON, FL- A Manatee County man is arrested after deputies say he battered his girlfriend and held her against her will.

29 year old Fernando Resendiz is charged with False Imprisonment, Aggravated Domestic Assault and Battery.  According to Manatee County Deputies, it happened at Loyd's Mobile Home Park at the 14-hundred block of 26th St. W, late Sunday night.  The victim was standing in front of a mobile home when Resendiz showed up and began arguing with the female victim.  He then grabbed a screwdriver and held it to the victim's neck before forcing her to into his vehicle. 

Resendiz drove around with the victim in his car, continuing to threaten her with the screwdriver.  The victim was able to jump out of the moving car and run away.  Resendiz got out of the vehicle and chased the victim, once he caught up he allegedly punched her in the face.  He then fled.  Law enforcement was called to the scene and deputies later caught up with Resendiz.