Bradenton "Flag House" now up to code

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BRADENTON, Fla. -- The Bradenton "Flag House" is now up to code. City leaders gave the owner 90 days to bring the property into compliance earlier this year, and the home has now passed inspection.

The dispute began in February with a complaint about a fallen Christmas tree in the front yard. City code officers showed up and found several other violations, which lead to a dispute culminating in the owners painting the house with the giant American flag in protest.

The story made both national and international headlines, something homeowner Brent Greer did not see coming.

“It was amazing, we never expected that,” Greer says. “We put it on Facebook mainly out of anger and to let people know in the Facebook community what the city was doing. [We were] try[ing] to make awareness that if my house is now the standard for code enforcement to act the way they acted, than the city is in trouble.”

There are no plans to paint over the house. In fact, Greer says he and his wife will soon paint a large bald eagle on the side of the home.