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Bradenton continues to clean up from Hurricane Irma

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BRADENTON, FL - 3rd Avenue Northwest in Bradenton is one of the many places that took a beating from Hurricane Irma.  Downed power lines and uprooted trees line the street.  Longtime resident David Riman and his neighbors are now forced to live without power for many days and maybe longer.

"I'm used to camping and so this isn't really a problem for me, I've cook stoved and used camping equipment and battery lights," said Riman.

Another issue in the neighborhood is the Adams and Rogers Cemetery which is right behind many of the homes.  At least one gravesite now has a coffin coming up from the ground.  It appears that an uprooted tree nearby and flooded grounds could be to blame.  

Scenes like this could be spotted up and down the entire Suncoast.  A massive tree came crashing down into a fence and into a neighbor's yard.

That neighbor is Royce Oliver.  He tells us he's lucky to be alive because the tree came crashing into the back of his home.

"I was on the back lanai letting the dogs out and just when I was getting into the house the neighbor's tree fell right on the lanai right where I was sitting," said Oliver.

Divine intervention seems to have saved Oliver's life, but the reality is there are a lot of folks with a lot of problems because of Irma.  They all now have to try to piece their lives back together.

"Don't sign anything, there are unlicensed contractors out there and you're vulnerable right now," said Jimmy Patronis, Chief Financial Officer for the State of Florida.  "You are in a panic mode, the most precious asset that you're ever going to invest in is in dire straits so call your insurance company or even better yet call the state."

Neighbors are being told that power may not be restored in some neighborhoods until September 22nd.  For more information you can call Florida's Consumer Hotline at 877-693-5236.