Bradenton boy recovering from dog bites

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BRADENTON-- A 13-year-old Bradenton boy is out of the hospital after being attacked by two dogs in his neighborhood.

The incident happened Monday along Morning Glory Way in East Bradenton. Justin Curtis, a 7th grader, was stopped at an intersection on his bike, when he says the dogs rushed up to him and started to bite him.

"I was hoping they were friendly, because I could not out-ride them. They just started to attack my legs," said Justin.

Justin says the dogs jumped on his back and he fell to the ground. He sustained several bites to his legs, and was treated at All Children's Hospital in St. Pete. Justin is now on crutches, with several bandages around parts of his legs. He also required several stitches.

According to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office, moments after Justin was attacked, one of the dogs tried to bite another resident who was attempting to hold on to the them before law enforcement arrived. That man, Roy Levin, told ABC 7 off camera that the dog bit the back of his leg, but the bite did not break any skin.

The dogs are two Australian Shepherds that apparently had escaped through a window at their owner's home. We attempted to speak with the owner, but the woman was not home when we knocked at her door.

Justin's dad, Jesse Curtis says he is happy his son was not injured any further.

"If this were a smaller child, this would have been very bad. Justin was strong enough to save himself," said Curtis.

The dogs are currently being held at Manatee County Animal Services. It's unclear what will happen to them.