Boy, 6, presumed dead in Coquina Beach disappearance

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BREAKING NEWS: The body of 6-year-old Lamontea Taylor has been found. We will have more info as it becomes available.

MANATEE COUNTY, FL - As the sun appeared over Coquina Beach Sunday, so too did the search parties, looking for any sign of missing six year old Lamontea Taylor.

"I'm lost for words, I want these divers to get out here," said Lamontea's mother, Laketa.

According to witnesses, Lamontea and three other children were swimming at Coquina Beach late Saturday afternoon. Strong currents from Longboat Pass make this spot extremely dangerous for swimmers.

Isaac Espinoza was on the beach and heard the kids screaming for help.

"I didn't even think," said Espinoza, "I just jumped in and went to save her I didn't even know how strong the current was when i jumped in."

Putting his own life on the line, Espinoza managed to save five year old Natalie Porter.

"Half way towards her I was already feeling tired, and I couldn't swim any more but in my head I was just picturing what if it was my cousin or even my family members' kids in the ocean," said Espinoza, "I would want someone to save them so I just kept on pushing until I got to her."

Espinoza says the girl would have died without his help.

By the time he got Natalie back to shore the other children had gotten to safety, except for six year old Lamontea.

Police say there's little hope the child could still be alive.

And despite search teams from the Bradenton Beach Police, Florida Fish and Wildlife, and the U.S. Coast Guard, family members of the victim say the authorities just don't care.

"I feel like they don't take this situation serious," said Lamontea's godmother.

"They need to be blocked off and stuff, shut down, more divers, more police and all that," said a cousin.

Police say charges will not be filed in the case.

Authorities informed Laketa Taylor on Sunday afternoon that Lamontea's body must be submerged. Bradenton Beach police are expected to say Monday morning whether they'll continue the search for his body.

The child attended kindergarten at Samoset Elementary School in Bradenton.