Boy helps save 3-year-old from drowning in Sarasota pool

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SARASOTA, FL. – A 10-year-old boy is being recognized for helping to save a 3-year-old girl from drowning.

On April 20, Alexander Castanon was swimming in his apartment complex pool at Signal Pointe Circle, along with a 3-year-old neighbor, Natalee, who was wearing a floatation device and her adult guardian.

The adult jumped out of the pool when a fire started on the grill nearby and put the fire out.

"She took off her floaties before she jumped in. She wanted to swim like her big sister," says Natalee's mother, Annette Esparza.

Castanon noticed that Natalee was floating face down in the water and quickly pulled Natalee to safety and yelled for help. "I pushed her to the side. My dad eventually helped me pull her up to the ground," says Alex.

The adult ran over and began CPR, and Natalee began breathing on her own. She was transported to the hospital via Bayflite and is doing just fine now, thanks to Alexander Castanon’s quick response.

"He is ten years old. He is a real hero. I am so thankful and thankful that my daughter is still here with us," says Esparza.

The Sarasota Police Department applauds Alexander Castanon for his heroism.

"I feel proud of myself for doing what I did.," says Alex.