Boutique hotel proposed for 301 and Main

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SARASOTA-- It's just a parking lot now, but in the future, a 150-room boutique hotel could be built at the intersection of US-301 and Main Street in Downtown Sarasota.

Civix Property Management of Sarasota is behind the idea for the hotel that could reach as high as 10 stories. Plans call for the lodging to include shops, an upscale restaurant and a rooftop bar. It will also be located near the Sarasota County jail and courthouse.

Nearby business owners like Giovanni Migliorini of Mediterraneo Restaurant on Main Street welcome the idea.

"For us, being right across the street and having a good reputation, it's going to be great for us," said Migliorini.

Local business experts say the general consensus is that there is a need for more hotels in Sarasota County. Currently, there are only 5000 hotel rooms available.

"We are in an interesting period right now. For six years we have not seen any activity. I do think we will get a hotel Downtown sometime in the next 2-3 years," said Susan Burns of Biz 941 Magazine.

It's still very early and lots need to be accomplished. Civix must now figure out a way to open a county parking lot in another location.