Boil water advisory issued after water main break near Pelican Cove

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SARASOTA COUNTY - A precautionary boil water advisory has been issued after repairs to a water main near the Pelican Cove Condominiums, 1615 Pelican Point Drive in Sarasota. The break occurred over the weekend and interrupted services to about 1000 Sarasota County Utilities customers between Wharf Road and Pelican Point Drive. No roadways are affected at this time.

Sarasota County began using automated telephone calls to notify residents in the area of the precautionary boil water advisory.

While the county has no reason to believe the drinking water was contaminated, Florida law requires that drinking water providers issue precautionary boil water advisories to customers affected by pressure losses in water mains.

While the advisory is in effect, the county advises affected customers to boil all tap water intended for drinking, preparation of food, washing of food utensils, making ice, brushing teeth or for first aid, making sure the water is brought to a rolling boil for one minute. Boiling the tap water disinfects it, destroying any harmful microorganisms. Bottled water can be used as an alternative to boiling the tap water.

Over the next few days, the county will collect a series of samples in the affected area and analyze them to ensure the drinking water wasn't contaminated by potentially harmful bacteria during the service interruption. Customers will be notified by another automated telephone call that the boil water advisory has been cancelled.

For more information, contact the Sarasota County Call Center at 941-861-5000.