Bob's Boathouse owner could face fines

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SARASOTA- Sarasota County has denied Bob's Boathouse request for a second extension on a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy.  Tom LeFevre could face fines if the restaurant doesn't meet several code enforcement issues.  The restaurant's first temporary CO was issued in October.  That certificate expired on December 31st, then extended for another month, to January 31st. 

Bob's Boathouse remains open to operate, but there will be no more temporary certificates.  In order to receive a permanent certificate, The business has until February 20th to meet building code.  If the code enforcement issues are not met by that time, LeFevre may be issued an Affidavit of Violation with the Clerk of County.  LeFerve will be required to attend a court hearing, where a judge may issue daily fines.

Curt Preisser of Sarasota County Communications tells ABC 7 that the actions taken are not the result of alleged violations of the Noise Ordinance.  Several unannounced inspections have been performed since November 4, 2013, and no violations of the noise ordinance have been discovered.