Bob's Boathouse has neighbors complaing about the loud noise

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SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla.- Bob's Boathouse has been open for over 2 weeks now, but the seemingly quiet and peaceful establishment during the day is a completely different story after dusk, according to neighbors.

“The live music outdoors is just astonishing. You would never know how truly impactful it is until you hear it,” says resident, Michele Chapman.

The restaurant is located on U.S. 41, and the back faces Phillippi Creek. Residents in the neighborhood, across the river, say the restaurant turns into a night club after dark. The indoor and outdoor music travels across the water, just a few-hundred feet away, and they can feel the bass in their homes until nearly 2 a.m.

“I have not had more than 2 ½, 3 hours of sleep here a night in probably 2 ½ weeks,” says Charles Kilian, a resident across the river.

Depending on where the homes are located, homeowners complain the parking lot lights shine right into their bedrooms.

“Like a stadium light, it's very, very intrusive. It's affected our privacy negatively. It shines into three of our bedrooms that we sleep in, including my granddaughter Grace's room,” says Melinda Tritschlar.

About 40 neighbors came together to discuss the issue this past week, and some have filed nearly 11 incident reports with the County Sheriff’s office.

Curt Preisser, with Sarasota County, told us they have come out 5 times in the last 2 weeks to measure the decibel level from the property line where Bob's Boathouse sits.

“Have not discovered any sound violations at that property. We'll continue to monitor it. We're aware that the neighborhood residents have some concerns,” said Preisser.

There is a Light Ordinance for Sarasota County, but they have yet to do the light inspection on the property. In the meantime, neighbors tell us they feel threatened and have even received what they deem "hate calls" from people affiliated with Bob's Boathouse.

“We just get about 20 drunk people calling the old women here old bags, and telling them to shut up and go to sleep,” said Kilian.

We went to Bob's Boathouse for comment today, but were told no one was available to speak with us.

The county plans to measure the noise level this weekend once again at Bob's Boathouse.