Boat shopping? Check out the sea phantom

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BRADENTON-- What appears to be an alien space craft sits idle in David Borman's front yard in Bradenton. It's not a UFO that crashed, but a boat Borman created.

Borman designed and built the Sea Phantom. The one that sits in his front yard is 34-ft vessel that can reach speeds up to 90 mph.

"It took three years of basic research, three years of model building and testing, and three years under construction," said Borman.

The particular vessel is retired, but now Borman is creating a similar one, just on a larger scale. It will cost the buyer a cool $3 million.

"He would have the most amazing maritime craft anyone would ever see," said Borman.

The new model will be 54-ft and reach speeds up to 120 mph. What's special about the Sea Phantom is that it can "fly." It's technology lifts the boat's bow into the air, preventing waves from crashing into it and slowing it down. It's similar to an airplane during take off.

"The idea here is being comfortable. Basically, these are the airliners of the ocean," said Borman.

Borman says he has a number of bureacratic organizations and corporations interested in his boats. But until he sells his first one, those folks are just going to have to wait.