Board gives former administrator back pay; he wants more

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BRADENTON, Fla -- The Manatee County School Board voted unanimously to give former Assistant Superintendent Robert Gagnon $116,000 in back pay.

This comes weeks after Gagnon was cleared in a criminal court of not doing enough to report suspected child abuse in the schools. Former football coach Rod Frazier ultimately pleaded no contest in order to avoid trial and is serving house arrest.

"It's tough, people say 'congratulations' but I say 'for what?' For having your name destroyed, being cast in a light that's despicable to all educators who have given their lives to kids," Gagnon told us outside the school board meeting.

Gagnon says getting back-pay was the easy part, now he wants to get back his job. But it may not be easy.

"I was told that was not a consideration. Even though I've been cleared of wrong doing....there's still no possibility of employment," he said.

Through a spokesman, Superintendent Rick Mills says Gagnon "is welcome to re-apply for his job, however there's no position available at his level."

One board member, Bob Gause, told us before the meeting the district does owe Gagnon more than just salary. However the board attorney warned members not to discuss that while two former educators others involved also involved may have similar requests.

As for Gagnon, he doesn't want to have to leave the area to get a job.

And as for the the man who may have caused this whole incident that sent his life into a tail spin, what would he say to Frazier if he spoke to him?

"I wouldn't."