BOA safe deposit box missing

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SARASOTA--When you register for a safe deposit box at a bank you expect the contents will remain secure.

But one Suncoast woman says the contents of her Bank of America safe deposit box are not where they should be, and she fears others may be in the same position and not even realize it.

"You go to a bank, register for a security box, figure that indeed it will be secure," said Dana Gourley, who since the 1980's, has kept a safe deposit box at the Bank of America Branch on Main Street in Sarasota. But now, Gourley isn't feeling so secure.

"We were very surprised that the contents of that box and the box itself had been drilled, and the contents had been removed from the bank premises," said Gourley.

The bank is in the process of moving to its new home at Fruitville and U.S. 301.

Gourley says she received a letter informing her that the bank was moving, but when she went to retrieve the contents of the box last week, it had already been drilled.

"We thought if they did something that drastic, it would either be a certified letter with return or even a court order," said Gourley.

Bank of America says customers should have received four different notices, but Gourley says she only got one.

In a statement, Bank of America defends emptying the boxes, saying they were done so under strict protocol, with multiple employees present and a notary.

She says she was told the contents were sent to a storage location via Fedex, but was not told where.

Gourley says so far bank employees haven't had a consistent message when it comes to getting her items back.

"We've outreached to a number of bank representatives and it seems like their policies are not well known even to those representatives," said Gourley.

She also fears she may not be the only one facing this predicament.

"We were told at least a hundred, even more boxes were drilled on that particular day and the contents removed from that bank," said Gourley.

Bank of America told ABC7 News customers can visit any branch and request to have their items sent to that location within three to five days.

Gourley says she's never been told that, also saying that an email from Bank of America says her case will be processed by April 15.

"I do think it is something that the customer needs to be aware of that maybe their security box is not as secure as they had thought," said Gourley.