Blue Star Moms send reminder to remember our future veterans

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SARASOTA - News from the war in Afghanistan serves as a reminder of the sacrifices being made by our service members.  Kind gestures and care packages from home can help keep their morale up, and that's a key part to winning the fight.

Suncoast mom Jeanne Fell recalled the happy memories while her kids were younger, and she took them to the park and spent quality time with them.  Now, in their 20s, Fell said it's hard sometimes with her children out of the house and fighting for our country.

"My son is active duty up in Ft. Stewart, my daughter active duty is currently in Kandahar," Fell said.  "The distance, the uncertainty, you don't get direct information because of obsect rules and the security of our soldiers and other military in the war zones is crucial."

So to cope with her childrens' decisions to fight for our freedom, she joined Blue Star Mothers.

"We're a group of women who have children either on active duty or are veterans," said Fell.

Fell said the group not only support each other, but also our past and present troops as much as they can.

"We received a quantity of Christmas cards written from all over and we were able to send them out," said Fell.

It's a gesture that some mom's said speaks magnitudes even if it's coming from a stranger.

"It makes the soldiers who are over there think that people in the United States really do care," said Blue Star Mother Linda Atkins, who has a son actively serving.  "And are really thinking about them."

You can send holiday cheer to local military members serving overseas through the Neighborhood Business Center at the Bradenton PostNet located at 6094 14th Street West in the Bayshore Gardens Shopping Center.  You can also read more on Blue Star Moms and their holiday projects on their website.