'Big Bang Theory' star visits Sarasota Middle School

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SARASOTA - It may be summer vacation, but some Sarasota Middle School students are putting in some over time.

Students and teachers volunteered to participate in lessons and demonstrations in the tech-active classrooms for "Big Bang Theory" star Mayim Bialik.

Bialik has her doctorate in neuroscience and visits schools across the country encouraging students to study science, technology, engineering and math.

Bialik says not only is she impressed by Sarasota Middle, but she says the students there actually taught her a thing or two.

The tech-active classrooms of tomorrow are in all Sarasota County School District middle schools thanks to a grant from the Gulf Coast Community Foundation.

Today, students showed off the classrooms to Bialik, demonstrating different exercises. The goal of the classrooms is to promote "stem curriculum", focused on sciences, technology, engineering and math.

“To see how quickly they picked stuff up, to see how engaged they were and how beautifully the classroom can run if the teachers have the right technology and the teachers have the support. If the students and teachers are engaged, it made me hopeful that this is something we need to work towards, says Bialik.

Of course the students were thrilled to have Bialik visit their school, and while many had not ever heard of her character "Blossom", they are big fans of the “Big Bang Theory”.