Beachgoers shocked and saddened over plane crash death

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VENICE, Fla. – In the wake of Sunday’s tragic fatal plane accident on Caspersen Beach, many people are weighing in on how such a rare occurrence could happen. It includes those out on the beach Monday, just feet from where it all took place.

It would have been just another summer day at the beach if not for the plane in the surf as investigators try to piece together what went wrong.

"It's a one in a million thing. It's pretty crazy." Beachgoer Mike Todd says he was walking in the same spot just hours before the plane crash Sunday. He was back out Monday collecting sharks teeth. "It's heartbreaking. Of course you think of your own family and if that happened to me what would happen."

Mike wasn't the only one out there, as beachgoers were still taking to the water.

Kris Bristol was there with his little one. "It's very shocking. I am here with my son and wife all the time. It is hard to hear."

Joan Parks says she's been walking the beach for 30 years here. She has seen planes come in low as they approach nearby Venice Regional Airport. "You hear the noise and look up. It's coming right over your head."

John Baviak says he's not worried. "You would never think. I think flying is the safest place to go any place."

He says it was just bad luck. "It's sad. I know the guy in the airplane didn't do it on purpose…pure coincidence."

Those like Kris though have some basic questions. "You would think if someone was going to crash they would take it in the water and not onto the beach."

Some wonder if the pilot had any control over it at all. Investigators are piecing it together as a family mourns.

"It's very hard and very sad. I am sure a lot of people are thinking about it as the walk the beach now," says Parks.