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Beachgoers concerned with red tide

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SARASOTA, Fla. -- Florida Fish and wildlife says the bloom, that was last reported as roughly 60 miles wide and 90 miles long has grown--but it's mostly breaking up and forming lower concentration patches, on the outside of the larger bloom. Red Tide can make a trip to the beach downright miserable and can even be threatening for those with weak immune systems.

Boston resident Gabrielle Degrasse has experienced red tide first hand almost a decade ago when it struck in Sarasota bay.

"To experience it was really like a bad allergy being out here and was really unnerving seeing all the dead fish."

Many avid beachgoers realize it can be a hazard.

"There is a substance that gets in the air and people can breathe that in and cough. No one wants that. It can lead to other thing such as pneumonia and things like that.

Sarasota resident Katie McCaskill works in a local restaurant and is fully aware of the havoc red tide can cause within the industry.

"I would be concerned with any restaurant that their focal point is seafood .That gets local catch and takes pride in that. I'd be concerned with their sales which obviously restaurants hold jobs."

Only time will tell if this large red tide bloom will have a direct effect on the Suncoast--but although vacationers like Ron Carroll frequent the beach often--He would have to think twice before visiting a beach with red tide knowing the risks.

“I would be a little cautious and would just recommend not coming to the beach if the red tide has come in. But 60 miles out there, I'm not so worried."