Ban on "Gill Nets" continues in Charlotte County

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CHARLOTTE COUNTY, FL- Sheriff Bill Prummell wants to make sure residents and visitors in Charlotte County are aware that the use of “entangling nets” in Charlotte County is still considered illegal and appropriate action will continue to be taken.

A voter referendum in the mid-1990’s resulted in an amendment to the Florida Constitution and an addition to Florida State Statutes that made the use of “entangling nets,” also known as “gill nets,” illegal. The statutes, found in Chapter 379, are still in place.

In mid-October 2013, a Circuit Judge in the Second Judicial Circuit, which covers several counties in the Tallahassee area, issued an order in conjunction with a lawsuit that prohibits the enforcement of the statutes concerning “gill nets” within the Second Judicial Circuit.  That ruling is currently being appealed.

Charlotte County, which is located within the 20th Judicial Circuit, is not currently affected by the ruling in another Judicial Circuit. 

“We have conferred with our local State Attorney’s Office on this matter,” said Sheriff Prummell.  “It is still the law, and, in Charlotte County, we will continue to enforce that law.”