Baby osprey recovering after swallowing fishing line

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SIESTA KEY - A Venice wildlife center has helped treat a sick baby osprey in a Suncoast nest.

A resident at the Bay Tree Club on the south end of Siesta Key reported to the Venice Wildlife Center that one of three osprey chicks in a nearby nest swallowed fishing line.

After using a metal detector to find out which bird swallowed the fishing line, the wildlife center took the sick bird to be x-rayed by a local veterinarian.

"The only part left of the job is to make sure it gets back to a safe vantage point where its mom can take care of it. But fortunately with the equipment we have now, we can do some of this stuff in the field. It makes it quicker. Our goal is to always help anything sick or injured get back to the wild," says Kevin Barton of the Wildlife Center of Venice.

We're told the osprey is doing just fine and is happy to be back home in its nest.