Another US Marshals case of mistaken identity

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A bizarre story is getting more concerning by the day.  First we told you about US Marshals raiding a Sarasota woman's home -- by mistake.  But it turns out she wasn't the only one who was falsely targeted that day.

"Behind me I heard a dude say hey buddy.. I turned around and looked and a bunch of people jumped on top of me," said Elliott Stiner.

Stiner is describing an unfriendly encounter with US Marshals, while he waited at the bus stop outside his job at the Westfield Square Mall in Sarasota.

"They checked my ID and was like, 'ohh crap we got the wrong guy,' said Stiner as recapped the situation.  He says the Marshals had misidentified him as the child predator suspect they were looking for.

"They showed me a picture of the guy and was like, you're not going to say that like from 10 feet away you don't look like this guy? I looked at the picture of the dude and I noticed striking differences like his eyes were blue mine are not, beard completely different color,"  said Stiner.

The men helped him up and then walked away, leaving Stiner bewildered. But, this isn't the only incident of its kind hours later Marshals had a similar encounter.  This time they entered a woman's home with guns drawn.

"I was washing dishes and out of my peripheral vision, I see movement and there's a Rambo kind of guy with a vest and a gun pointed at me with a white light," said Sarasota resident Louise Goldsberry.

The two incidents have sparked much controversy and the attention of the ACLU.

"The ACLU believes it is wrong to accost or seize a citizen as in one case and in the other case... invade someone's home armed with a swat team where they have no reasonable suspicion, probable cause or a warrant," said Michael Barfield the VP of Florida ACLU .

Barfield says the incidents are clear violations of a person's Fourth Amendment rights, which is why the ACLU is now investigating.  But officials from the US Marshals services say they were just doing their job.

"We are out there trying to do our best to take violent criminals out of the midst of the public and both of these incidents, with the things that have been described, we take extremely seriously and they are going to be investigated fully and acted upon," Pete Cajigal, the Assistant chief US Marshal Services Middle District of Florida.