Another funnel cloud spotted Monday evening.

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Manatee - The funnel cloud that was spotted between SR 70 and University near I-75 this evening may have touched down briefly near a backyard pond at Lakewood Ranch. Just after 6:30 p.m. Numerous reports of the funnel came into the ABC 7 newsroom shortly after the 6 P.M. Newscast. According to eyewitness accounts this funnel dropped out of the cloud base but never touched down. The location of this funnel was near I-75 and SR 70 in Manatee County.

Funnel Cloud - Lakewood Ranch

Funnel clouds often do not touch down, however if and when they do they are then classified as a tornado. It seems there has been an unusual amount of these little spin ups as of late here along the Suncoast. We had several last week and then again this Monday.

Impressive cloud just as funnel is forming

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