Ambulance purchased to transport pets during emergencies

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SARASOTA-- Vet Care Express is showing off its newest toy. It's an actual ambulance that was once used by Sarasota County. Now, it's being used to help save the lives of our pets.

Cheryl Brady is the owner and operator of Vet Care Express. The company started about two and a half years ago, and is designed to transfer pets to veterinary offices and animal hospitals.

"I want to make this the standard level of service for pet healthcare. That has always been my ultimate goal," said Brady.

The new ambulance has been retrofitted for pets. It has oxygen, pet oxygen masks, stretchers, and cages for both dogs and cats.

"We are all fully certified and equipped, and experienced in pet CPR and first aid," Brady said.

John and Samantha Tooke used Vet Care Express recently, when their 9-year-old golden retriever fainted in their backyard.

"They took him over to the emergency room. They just could not have done a better job and been more helpful to us," John said.

"In that type of situation, you are in a panic mode," said Samantha. "Cheryl was there for us. It was very valuable."

Costs for Vet Care Express depend on the mileage and the amount of time it takes to get the animal to your veterinarian or pet emergency room.

Brady says she plans on purchasing more ambulances in the future, hoping to have a fleet of about five.

Vet Care Express is 24/7 and available 365 days a year. To contact Vet Care Express, call: 592-5131