Amazing Women of the Suncoast: Diane Weiss

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SARASOTA - The focus of this week's Amazing Women of the Suncoast is Diane Weiss. 

The Child Development and parenting Specialist founded "Small Steps" and "Forty Carrots", organizations dedicated to helping parents become confident in their roles and raise healthy children.

She has just started a new adventure in her life

On June 3rd, their 40th wedding anniversary, Diane and her husband, Dr. Robert Weiss opened Weiss Pediatric Care.  Dr.  Weiss is the only Doctor, so he sees each and every child on every visit, which gives great continuity. He even does house calls, and calls each patient back the day after a sick visit to check on the patient's condition.

Diane plays an important role in advising parents, helping them solve problems related to their children, helping them know what to expect from their children  and following the child's development from birth to 18. 

Diane is a Sarasota girl, and attended  Sarasota High School. Her dad was also a pediatrician in Sarasota, and she remembers riding with him on house calls and waiting in the car for him as he cared for patients.

She and her husband met at the University of Florida her freshman year. He was already in pre-med, and went on to become a pediatrician, and then to join her father's pediatric practice.

The couple has 3 boys. And that posed a challenge to Diane, as she pursued her own career. How could she  help other parents and make  "Forty Carrots" the place she wanted it to be to, and give her own children the care they needed.  

She says, "I  managed to work in the hours between the time I  dropped them  off and when I picked them up most days and then work  long, long hours into the night after they went to sleep."

And the life lesson she can share with the rest of us.

She says, "My father said you can do well, by doing good. And that has become the Weiss family philosophy of life."