Amazing Women of ABC 7: Lauren Dorsett

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SARASOTA – Lauren Dorsett is often seen at the anchor desk at ABC 7 or volunteering in the community. But in our series "The Amazing Women of ABC 7", we're giving you a look at the more personal side. And she’ll tell you is: it takes amazing women to influence and encourage other amazing women.

My mornings typically start with a punch workout at the gym, and the day doesn't stop until after the 11pm news. My trainer and good friend Shanna never fails to get me pumped up and ready for the day. “I love somebody that gives me 200% always. We kill it every time she comes in here, be it with weights, or she’s doing pull-ups, push-ups, or we’re boxing. So it’s amazing, her work ethic.”

The work ethic I can thank my parents for; I was always on the go.

I was born in Los Angeles. My older sister Donna and I spent our summers and winters visiting grandparents between Hawaii and Wisconsin. Talk about extremes! Maybe that's where I learned this Southern California girl could survive anywhere.

Growing up my life revolved around the same non-stop work ethic. Between competitive track and gymnastics, I managed to find one of my true loves: music. I followed a family tradition, starting piano at a young age and then played flute through school -- yes, even in marching band. I also sang in choir, getting opportunities to perform in the Big Apple.

I graduated from Loyola Marymount University, where my class started the school's first news program. During that time I interned for the KTLA morning show in Los Angeles.

My senior year I took a coveted spot in Washington DC, covering all the biggest political stories, from the White House to the Pentagon...and discovering a love for politics.

From there I took a job in Montana, and boy did it open my eyes. From skeet shooting, to dogsledding and covering wildfires, there was nothing I was afraid to try for a story.

Then it was thankfully warm, sunny Florida, with a job at (WWSB sister station) WTXL in Tallahassee. My love of politics would make a reappearance being in the state capital. I even started a weekly political segment.

And this NFL fan quickly learned to love college football. It was a huge privilege when I was asked host a half-hour special on the outgoing coaching legend Bobby Bowden, a friendly face during my time in Tallahassee.

It was also a time I was able to interview another legend -- and an inspiration -- Barbara Walters.

Then the Suncoast came calling, and as most have found out, I love adventure. I was even asked to skydive in for the 9/11 ceremony at Payne Park, took some hits with the Bradentucky Bombers, flew with Dolly Jacobs of Circus Sarasota, and reported live as another circus legend, Nik Wallenda, made history across Niagara Falls.

But it's not all about adventure, especially in an election year. Last year, I not only spent four days covering the Republican National Convention, but I had an interview most journalists don't get: a one-on-one with President Obama.

But the best part of being on the Suncoast? Charity; serving as the chair for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in 2011, serving on committees for Make-a-Wish and the Center for Building Hope, and highlighting the accomplishments of so many volunteers are the most rewarding for me.

You've met my trainer Shanna; another amazing woman in my life: my producer Brittany. She was my producer in Tallahassee, and has been with me ever since.

And as amazing women continue to inspire me, I hope to inspire many others.

Through ups and downs my constant has always been faith, friends, and family -- which is expanding. I'm about to meet a new love -- my nephew -- set to arrive the end of February. And I will be sure to share pictures as a proud aunt when he arrives.