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Amazing Suncoast Woman: Babs Dembroski

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SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) -Babs Dembronski will turn 89 on October 15th. But she's more active than most teenagers.

"I run every morning and then I do yoga and then I go to the gym to work out, then I do pickle ball."

She plays pickle ball several times a week since discovering it here at the Euclid, when she moved to Sarasota a couple of years ago.

"It keeps you young, it makes you feel good and keeps you active so you can meet a lot interesting people and get out of the house."

Of course, she was already pretty active.

"Before this I was biking and playing tennis. I restored a house and painted my house about a month go and I have a garden."

When she talks about restoring her house ,she means the actual physical labor.

Babs is from Frackville, Pennsylvania.

"In that area, there were no opportunities to speak of. I eventually got into working for All State."

For the next 30 years, she was an insurance adjuster.

"It was very interesting, it was a good job. "

She retired after 30 years and discovered the Suncoast.

"I came down to visit one day and decided this was where I wanted to stay."

She's not done yet. She's got a very full bucket list.

"Come fall I'm going to go zip lining and I am going through the process of of buying a bike. I'm going to start biking again."