Amazing Men of ABC 7: Scott Dennis

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SARASOTA - When given the awkward assignment to put together a story about himself, ABC 7's Scott Dennis decided to make it a learning experience for his daughter Reese. So she got the chance to practice her interviewing skills while learning more about her daddy's far.

Reese: Where were you born?

Scott: I was born in the Buffalo, New York area, Western New York. I spent my early years there, Reese, but a connection to the Suncoast had already begun. In the mid 1960's, my parents began vacationing each spring on the Suncoast, setting the stage for an eventual move south and a permanent home here. Which meant a lot more time to fish…one of my favorite things to do as a kid.

Reese: What did you like to do in high school?

Scott: Well, I went to Riverview High School, and the best part I think was being in the Kiltie Band. I played trumpet in the Kiltie Band. My senior year we got to march in the Tournament of Roses parade, which is like five and a half miles. And we had to get ready for that and train for it, so we marched on I -75. (But wasn't there traffic?) Not yet, because it hadn't opened yet. They were still building it and they let us march from Fruitville to University and back, six miles.

I started at ABC 7 right after college, Reese -- 28 years ago. I began my career in sports, covering every Bucs game, home and away.

I've been able to do so many cool things, like learning to race cars, flying with the Blue Angels -- the ultimate roller coaster ride, reporting from Cuba, and covering the final launch of the shuttle program.

And Reese, I'll always be grateful to ABC 7 for hiring the woman who would become my wife, and your mommy. Gilda and I met here and have been married now for more than 15 years.

Reese: Why do you always volunteer and host things?

Scott: Well, it's an important part of my job. It's not just being on TV, its being involved in our community and helping organizations. One of my favorite things is to help out in our schools, right? (Because you won the Volunteer of the Year award for Fruitville.) I did, isn't that cool?

And Reese, I hope I'm teaching you how important it is to volunteer and give back; for organizations like the American Heart Association, and Easter Seals.

Alright, last question Reese...make it a good one!

Reese: What's your favorite color?

Scott: It's blue, you know that. What's yours?

Reese: Green…and clear.

Scott: That's not a color!