Alligator hiding out inside storm drain in Sarasota neighborhood

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SARASOTA Fla. - Authorities are monitoring an alligator that has been seen storm drain in The Meadows community in Sarasota.

Wednesday, a viewer sent us this photo of the gator's head sticking completely out of the drain. It was believed that the gator had retreated back into drain.

But today, our photojournalist Christopher Brantley went back into The Meadows and discovered that the gator appears to still be inside the storm drain.

Maintenance crews from The Meadows tell ABC 7 that the alligator is approximately 9 feet long.  They say that the reptile is retreating further back into the drain, and they plan to monitor the situation until Friday morning and will decide on a plan of action then.


Florida Fish & Wildlife say that the property owner would have to contact them if they want the alligator removed.

The area the gator has been seen is around Ringwood Meadows.

If you are concerned about an alligator in your neighborhood and fear for your safety, FWC say to call their hotline at 866-FWC-GATOR.

ABC 7 will continue to follow this developing story.

UPDATE: Removal of gator from Sarasota drain delayed