All quiet at SRQ in wake of LAX shootings

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SARASOTA, Fla. – Police say Paul Ciancia opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle near a security checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport Friday, killing a TSA employee.  But it was largely business as usual at SRQ.

Ciancia is reportedly now in custody after being wounded in an exchange of gunfire.

Meanwhile security officers at Sarasota International Airport are monitoring the developments in Los Angeles, but have gotten no directives from the TSA. Other than some extra police patrols, they say they have not had to take any extra precautions.

The terminal at SRQ was largely empty Friday afternoon, and people are going about their day. Flyers ABC 7 spoke to didn't want to talk on camera, but did not express any concern.

The airport's executive vice president says that from what he can tell, the LAX shooting appears to be a workplace incident -- where the workplace happens to be an airport. “On our own we’ve increased our police patrols, and that’s pretty much it. It’s not an aviation issue as far as I can see; it’s not terrorism, it’s not a passenger flipping out,” says Martin Lange.

There are no reports of any delays at SRQ related to the shooting in Los Angeles, and passengers who arrive there won't notice anything different in the security, other than a couple of extra police patrols.