All Faiths Food Bank prepares for increased demand on heels of cuts to food stamp program

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It is called Bowls of Hope and it is one of the premier fundraising events for All Faiths Book Bank.

“It is a wonderful thing to see the community in Sarasota and Desoto Counties come together to help those that are less fortunate” said All Faiths Chief Operating Officer Scott Malcom.

Over 40 area restaurants donated soup and for $25 guests could eat their favorite soup and take home a one of a kind handmade ceramic bowl.

“They are very unique. They are awesome,” said Natalie Ramos who attends Bowls of Hope every year. This time she brought her boyfriend Everett Dennison to his first Bowls of Hope.

“I have been looking for bowls for 35 minutes,” said Dennison. The pair are passionate about art and both bought extra bowls at the fund raiser.

“I think it is awesome when you get art into the community cause then you get community and people’s passions mixed in, it is a cool thing,” said Dennison.

The Bowls of Hope took on even more importance on Sunday to All Faiths staff and volunteers due to federal cuts to the food stamps program which is call the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP. The cuts went into effect on November 1st.

“The current cuts in SNAP are the result of 2010 legislation,” explained Malcom. “We have known that it is coming for a while and we have been preparing for it.”

Malcom tells ABC 7, they have sufficient supplies at the moment to handle the increased demand for food. Cuts to the food stamp program mean recipients will receive less money for food and Malcom expects food banks to be stretched thin.

“After a month or two as we go along we are going to need every body support throughout the community to be able to meet the increased demand.”

If you want to help you can drop off non-perishable food donations for All Faiths Food Bank at all Goodwill store in Desoto and Sarasota counties.