Agriculture detective stops gator from going onto airport runway

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PUNTA GORDA, FL. - A Charlotte County agriculture detective stops an alligator from going on to an airport runway.

The Charlotte County Sheriff's Agriculture Detective Justin Treworgy, was called to Punta Gorda Airport by security concerning a 7-foot alligator very close to and approaching the main runway on Dec. 31.

A commercial jet was due to arrive and could have caused a serious problem.

Det. Treworgy responded immediately and located the gator about 30-feet away and heading to the main runway. He was able to drive the wandering gator back from the flight line.

An FWC officer and airport security officer arrived and assisted Det. Treworgy in getting the gator's attention. This enabled Treworgy to sneak up on the gator and get his hands around its mouth.

Once the gator’s mouth was taped shut it was then turned over to the FWC officers to relocate in another area, far away from the airport.