Age is just a number for Sarasota semi-pro football player

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SARASOTA, Fla. - You know those old sayings...’it's never too late’...’never give up.’ Well a man in Sarasota has proved it's true.

Michael Lynch is 64 years old. He's accomplished a lot in his life, but the deep longing to play football once again would just never go away. So he decided to give it one more shot.

Semi-pro football is hard-nosed, hard hitting, and players are trying to get noticed by college or pro scouts. Michael Lynch plays on the semi-pro Sarasota Millionaires, the same team former Sarasota High football star Michael Ford plays on. "He just tried out for the Bucks two weeks ago, and they think they will ask him back to camp this coming summer," says Lynch.

This is the first time Lynch has played football in 38 years. "The last time I played football? When I played semi-pro on Long Island in ‘75 and ’76."

His love for football started at Bayshore High School in Long Island. "My senior year I had a very good year at safety and wide receiver. I had the good pleasure of walking on at East Carolina University."

He even got to know Joe Namath.

He's built a very successful business. "I run a company called Major Sports. It's a large corporate softball league on Long Island."

But he still longed to play football. So he tried out for the Sarasota Millionaires and made the team.

He says the other players definitely don't take it easy on him. "They treat me like a football player, they treat me like a peer."

He doesn't worry about getting hurt. "I think if you worry about getting hurt, you can't play to your full potential. You have to trust your skills…I think you just have to let it fly."

And he relishes every minute. "I don't want the practices to end. After the them I actually drive home with my uniform on."

He says it's been better than he ever imagined.

So will he be back next year? "I think I've captured lightning in a bottle, and it may be hard to replicate it.”

He says the players on his team are used to him. But when he shakes hands with the opposing team before games, the players’ mouths drop open when they see his white hair.

You can see Michael Lynch in action with the Millionaires this Saturday and next Saturday. Kick-off is at 5pm at Sarasota High School.