A Place We Call Home: Towles Court

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Towles Court is just a couple of blocks from the heart of downtown Sarasota and has evolved along with the city.

"It was originally a golf course. One of the first mayors, John Gillespie created a golf course on Hence Golf Avenue and Links Avenue."

That was 1905 when John Gillespie built the 9 hole golf course here, along with his home. He named it Golf Hall. In the 1920s, William B. Towles transformed that golf course into a small residential neighborhood.

In 1983, the run down houses were about to be demolished when N.J Olivieri bought them. When Olivieri announced his plans, more than 200 artists responded.

"They wanted to refurbish the old buildings, a lot of them are historic."

Towles Court also has cafes, hair design studios and boutiques. Elizabeth Bentley owns the Asparagus Boutique.

And every third Friday, Towles Court has its famous art walk.