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A Place We Call Home: Southside Village

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Sarasota Memorial Hospital was built in 1925. In 1927 Slee's Grocery Store was built nearby.

"It was a wooden building on the corner of Hillsview and Osprey. And the Eddie and Ethel Merable bought it from him in 1941 and in 1950 they built the foundation we are standing on today."

Other stores sprung up. The Morton family arrived in 1951. Morton's Gourmet Market opened in 1969. Sarah Massey remembers going there as a student at South Side Elementary School.

"We could walk up to Morton's, we had accounts, you would just come in and purchase your sandwich or your lunch and sign off on your account and walk home."

Many homes in Southside Village are very close to stores and restaurants. This is an upscale real estate area. Also, Southside Village has its own newspaper.

Southside Village has been a part of Sarasota since the 1920s and it continues to thrive and grow to be an great place we call home.