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A Place We Call Home: Holmes Beach

"This is the best place in the whole world to live we have white sand, blue water,blue skies, palm trees."

Homesteaders first arrived in 1860s.

"It was Jack Holmes after World War II who was the main developer of this city, which of course is named after him."

Jack Holmes' son, Hugh and his family still live here. Hugh's father arrived in the 1920s.

"He started developing small parcels in Holmes Beach, he gradually acquired more land and large acreage completely undeveloped."

Jack Holmes also built a shopping center, a bank and an airport. And that airport attracted Hollywood . The movie "On an Island with You" was filmed here.

"They were looking for a place for Peter Lawford where could land his World War II plane with Ester Williams in it."

"I can't image a better childhood to grow up. Out here we had the woods to play, in the bay to play in."

There's also a community of small businesses here.

"Most of the shops and stores here are owner operated. Its a different feel, you walk into a shop it might be the owner greeting you there at the door."

Mayor Bob Johnson is very proud of this place we call home.

"I'm proudest of the community and the community spirit within the community."

Holmes Beach also has a long history of stable government.

"Many years ago, no buildings were going to be more than 37 feet tall so there are no high rises. What that means is you get to be neighbors with your neighbors."

"You still walk down the street, everyone says hello to you."