A Place We Call Home: Hidden River

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Hidden River is a gated community covering a thousand acres. It borders the Myakka River and Myakka State Park.

"When you pull into Hidden River it's like pulling in to your own sanctuary. "

Hidden River has it's own landing strip. Most of the 85 homes have access to the runway and you can keep your plane in a hanger in your yard. Roads are also taxi ways for the planes.

"You might be driving down the street, meet an airplane and horses are on the same street. people riding or 4-wheelers and we all share the same streets; of course, airplanes have the right of way."

Stephen and his wife moved here six years ago. They wanted their kids to grow up in this country atmosphere.

"My kids they are not playing video games, they aren't doing things much in the house, they want to be out building a garden, riding their houses and fishing on the river."

And even if you don't live right on the river, there's a recreational area and boat ramp open to everyone. And there's lots of wild life.

"We got every wild animal in Florida. We got deer and turkey and bobcats and we had a panther go through one day."

Hidden River was established in 1968 by Frank Smith.

Residents known each other and we have a strong bond.