A Place We Call Home: Eagle Point

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Jim Middleton is a volunteer for the Venice area historical society and many other local historical organizations. He and his wife live here in Eagle Point.

"Eagle Point is a fishing and hunting camp that was built by Bertha Palmer in 1916.

She came to Venice, the Sarasota area in 1910."

One reason she built this camp.

"So she could invite her northern friends down here to go fishing and hunting and then she could sell them real estate."

Originally the camp was made up of 10 cottages and a clubhouse where they served three meals a day. They rang a bell when it was time to eat.

"This is the historic pathway, this is what the guests would come along to get to the club house when the bell would ring and they would be called to breakfast lunch or dinner."

Bertha Palmer died of breast cancer two years after building the camp. She sold Eagle Point to Mike Evans. At one time, the Tamiami Trial went right through Eagle Point.

When the inter-coastal waterway was built, Eagle Point became larger.

"When they dredged the inter coastal in the 60s, they added 12 acres to Eagle Point."

Glen Godman brought the property and began developing it in 1998.

And the homes now sell between $350,000 to $2 or $3 million for those on the water. Jim and his wife own this house, one of the original cottages and he says its a great place to call home.

"It's like a resort area. They are a lot of good spirits here, a lot of memories and a lot of history behind it and that's one of the things that fascinates me and my wife about it."