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A Place We Call Home: Duette

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In Duette you can still enjoy an old fashioned country life style. Duette covers 20 square miles with some 700 residents.

Many of the people who live here don't work here.

"We have a lot of people who go to town but the solace of the day is you can come home to Duette, to the quietness to the solitude here."

And Betty's 17 year-old granddaughter also loves the Duette lifestyle.

"There's not a lot of noise out here. It's nice and isolated and quiet, there are no robberies; you don't have to think about anything that's going to harm you or your family."

The head of the Manatee River begins near Betty's house and she says our drinking water comes from the county owned property next to her.

The 4H Club is very active in Duette. Betty has been it's leader for 42 years. She says 4H had a lot to do with the new fire department.

"In, 1983 our 4H club chartered the first fire department in Manatee county and got the first fire trucks."

And they kept working.

Duette once had three schools. The last one closed in June. The only church is 129 year-old Dry Prairie Baptist Church. There's also a country store. Betty says its a great place to call home.