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A Place We Call Home: City of Palmetto

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The Manatee River has always been the life blood of Palmetto. Samuel Lamb founded Palmetto alongside in 1866.

"He settled here close to the Manatee River, started a general merchandise store, had a dock on the river and shipped produce out of the Palmetto area. He was a farmer as well."

The city was chartered in 1887.

"We still have some of the historical homes right on Riverside Drive that belonged to the Lamb family. The one that belonged to SS lamb is now a bed and breakfast."

She says Lamb started Palmetto off om the right foot.

"SS Lamb and his family donated several churches; they donated the property for Lamb Park and for the Women's Club of Palmetto."

This is Palmetto's first post office. The first postmaster, Joel Hendrix is considered the father of green vegetable shipping. He shipped tomatoes from Palmetto to northern markets.

"Mr. Hendrix determined how many days it would take to do that so he started picking his tomatoes at mature and wrap them in paper. By the time they got to the northern market the tomatoes were red."

The river is used more for recreation today.

"People fish boat and kayak. I think it is always going to be an important part of our lively hood here in Manatee County."

"Who knows we might have boat taxis going back and forth across the river."

The mayor says Palmetto is a very diverse community.

We are between 12,500 and 15,000, depending on the time of the year. But we're the same close knit community.

John Wright is new in town. He's purchased a building in the historic district.

"Investing in Palmetto is investing in what I believe to be the very front end of a resurgence and revitalization that is happening in this area. It's a real opportunity to be a part of watching the city grow into something spectacular ."

Big improvements are in the works now.

"By the end of May, we will have put in new living shore that is going to be unique to any in the state of Florida."

"We are trying to make Palmetto the best place to live in the United States."