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A Place We Call Home: Bayshore Gardens

Bay Shore Gardens was developed in the mid 1950s .

"Bayshore Gardens is an example of one of the first planned communities in Florida."

The style of the houses was influenced by several of the architects in the Sarasota School of Architecture.

"That's why we're kinda special because we're a good collection of mid-century designs in a small home track style application."

The community was designed for an active Florida lifestyle.

"It was considered state of the art with the club house and the beach we had down there and then they built the yacht basin in the late 50s or early 60s."

There are 127 boat slips that can accommodate even large sailboats.

"We also have a boat launch a very nice one and it's a wonderful. We have a junior Olympic pool and every owner in Bayshore Gardens 1404 homes."

And there's a place for smaller boats.

"You can rent spaces to keep your kyack your canoe, sail boat no matter. You can cart them down to the beach they are inside closed locked."

Yes, they do have a beach on the bay, a small one. Home owners who live along the chanel can dock their boats at their back doors. They have a local newspaper, The Bayshore Manor and the busy club house has a large oak dance floor.

"Our friday morning dances we have 30 to 40 and how many people go out and dance at 10 in the morning."

Those dances are very popular with seniors.

"we have one man that's 101 or 102 that dances a mean dance."

And the beautifully landscaped park behind the club house is popular with the whole community.

"This park is used all the time in the evening you see people with strollers, you see kids on bicycles, you see people with their dogs just groups walking in the park."

"We are not locked away with all seniors we have a mixed community and it's just a nice place to live."

Bayshore Gardens, it has everything that brings people to Florida.