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A Place We Call Home: Alta Vista

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The Alta Vista neighborhood borders downtown Sarasota.

"Our dimensions go to Tuttle avenue, over to Bahia Vista over to 301 and to Ringling boulevard. "

The location is one reason Erica Elliott bought a home here. And it borders Payne Park.

"It's a great gem. It's the last green park in all of the city of Sarasota and it connects downtown to mid-town."

Payne Park is important in the life of Sarasota today. Many events are staged here and it has an awesome playground and skate park, which is a real plus for the neighborhood.

Payne Park has played a major roll in Sarasota's history. Calvin Payne gave the 60 acres to the city in 1923 to build a park on. The city built a baseball field on the land. Between 1924 to 1989, several major league teams held spring training there. And for decades, there was a city owned mobile home park. The Alta Vista Neighborhood Association was formed in 1990 by a group. The community grew and thrived.