A new state hoops rivalry is born

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SARASOTA - If you didn't know who the Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles were before, you do now. The upstart school in Ft. Myers has surprised nearly everybody with two upset wins in the NCAA tournament, leading up to Friday night's cross-state battle with the Florida Gators.

Sarah De Michieli hopes to attend FGCU after she graduates from Sarasota High.  "This makes it even better, yeah, my school was underdog and is now coming up. That's exciting," she said.

Despite the Cinderella story, there are still plenty of Gators fans in the area, and in some cases--some households divided.

"My oldest son is FGCU, another son is University of Florida. We have to pull for both sides," said Robert Antovel.

Either way, Antovel says the game is good for all of Florida.