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PALMETTO, Fla. -- Dozens came together Sunday Palmetto to honor the memory of Janiya Thomas, the 11-year old girl found dead in a freezer back in 2015. The 2nd annual memorial comes days before Janiya's mother, Keishanna Thomas, will ask a judge to move her murder trial out of Manatee County due to the publicity of her alleged child abuse crimes.

SARASOTA, Fla. -- It took more than eight hours over three days for Sarasota city leaders to discuss its budget for 2017-2018. The city aims to spend almost $4,000,000 less than the current year but some departments are struggling to find the funds necessary for their operating goals.

Instead of enjoying the beautiful Gulf waters, a lifeless 12-foot pilot whale now awaits an animal autopsy at Mote Marine Lab.  The dead whale was found around 3 o'clock this morning not far from the Point of Rocks.  Amanda Davis who is visiting from Kentucky says she had never seen anything like this.

"It was something that was surreal and that probably we will never experience again, this close up to where we are," said Davis.

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