Living Green: North Port Goes To LED's

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SARASOTA COUNTY - North Port is lighting the way to a brighter future. The city is using leftover federal grant money to install energy efficient LED lights, which will lead to big savings on the city's electric bill.

"These lights for example on this street are 64 watt LED's, they replaced 400 watt metal halide lights," says North Port Grants & Environmental Coordinator Stan Frank. That means the energy needed to power the light-emitting diodes is only 18 percent of what the older lights used and that adds up to big savings for North Port taxpayers.

"We estimate that in a single year alone, these lights will save something like $11,000 and we've installed 70 lights in total," says Frank. There are other benefits to using LED's besides the energy savings.

"One of the main benefits is that you don't have to replace them very often, these lights should last 100,000 hours. The lights they replaced would last 20,000 hours at best," says Frank.

The city hopes to expand the use of LED's in the near future in the Mullen Center parking lot and the pedestrian lights outside City Hall. The future is indeed bright in North Port.