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Lido Beach renourishment could come as soon as November

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - Lido Beach renourishment is on its way.

On Monday, Sarasota City Commissioners unanimously approved a $4-million project that would serve as a quick temporary fix to an eroding shoreline. The city is expediting this short term fix while they wait for approval for long range program.

As soon as November 15, 185,000 cubic yards of sand will be taken from New Pass and added to the Lido Beach shoreline. It'll take about ninety days for the contractor to line the entire shoreline with several feet of sand.

Funding wise, the money will come from the city budget, along with some county dollars and money from FEMA.

The city's plan for a long term fix is dredging Big Pass and using that sand along the Lido shoreline. That decision had turned into a legal battle. However, the city has now received a permit to move forward with that project.