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It's a love story, Taylor Swift will you say yes?

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BRADENTON, FL (WWSB) - Dayton Modderman claims to be Taylor Swift's biggest fan and has released a video of him asking the pop star to prom. 

Modderman is a Senior at Bradenton Christian School and his prom is only a few months away. 

Modderman has wanted to ask Swift to prom since he was a Freshman in high school. He has bought every album of Swift's and was even invited to a private concert at her parent's home in Nashville, Tennessee. 

The super fan has been noticed by Swift on social media several times and thinks that he has a good chance of her accepting his invite to prom. 

Modderman has received national recognition over this video and was interviewed on TRL about his promposal. 

Modermann said, "Taylor Swift is just so genuine and she truly cares about her fans. It is a dream of mine to go prom with her."