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Intracoastal waterway regatta evokes strong feelings

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VENICE, FL (WWSB) - The Sarasota Scullers Youth Rowing Program recently received approval from the City of Venice and the U.S. Coast Guard to hold a regatta along the Venice Intracoastal Waterway in September.

"I think it's awesome. Couldn't be more fun," said Paula Holman.

Paula and Jim Holman are familiar with the intracoastal. They say the one-day closure is perfectly fine with them.

"I think anything you can do to bring people and revenue to the area is fantastic," said Jim Holman.

It is, however, not fine with some of the folks who commented online on ABC7 coverage partner's The Venice Gondolier's Facebook page.

Patrick writing, "This is a really bad idea. Not to mention that we have spent MILLIONS on a facility for rowboat racing. Get these things OUT of the ICW." Patrick is referencing Nathan Benderson Park.

David commented, "And they're closing OUR (expletive) boat ramp to us, the BOATERS!"

Others we spoke to took issue with the City of Venice providing security. The Marine Patrol boat will be on the water that day. It could cost the taxpayers several thousand dollars.

"We just like it because it's very slow pace and easy going and relaxing," Paula Holman said of the Intracoastal which is a popular spot on a beautiful day.

Despite some comments wishing rain on the day of the regatta most of the comments seemed in favor of it.

The event is scheduled for September 15 from sunrise to 4pm.