Importance of pool safety for toddlers on the Suncoast

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Sarasota, Fla.-- According to the Florida Swimming Pool Association, Florida loses more children under the age of five to drowning than any other *state.

Just this past Saturday...a two year old boy fell into a pool at a home in Sarasota County.

Neighbors performed c-p-r on the boy until paramedics arrived, but he did not regain consciousness..

He was pronounced dead two days later.

Yet another tragedy that swim instructors say is totally preventable.

This month is National Water Safety Month which gives instructors an opportunity to teach safety to children and parents.

Ror suncoast swimming instructor Alena Spencer, pool safety is all about ABC's.

"A--adult supervision--never let your kids around the water by themselves. B--barriers--there needs to be a pool fence, there needs to be doors locked and C--classes."

In fact, Florida swimming pools are required to feature a barrier at least 48-inches high surrounding it--even alerting parents in other rooms. Spencer says, "they have pool alarms to where anything is disruptive of the water, it sets an alarm off so that is a great thing to have.

Alarms used as a precaution--but Spencer says to prevent drownings--it's a necessity for kids in Florida to know how to swim and know what to do to survive.

"the younger sometime is a little bit easier, they do have that fear but not as resistent. the longer you wait, the more that fear builds up."

And for parent Jason Riggle, he took Spencer's advice.

"Living in Florida, you're always around water."

His 2-year old daughter has been taking swimming lessons since she was one.

"I've known how to swim all my life and knowing that, i wanted that for my child too."