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Historic Green Street Church and Museum On The Move

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ENGLEWOOD, FL (WWSB) -  It's a piece of history that's on the move .. literally. On September 11th, the historic Green Street Church and Museum in Englewood will be physically moved from it's current location on West Green Street to it's new, permanent location at the Lemon Bay Cemetery. 

Due to a mix of zoning, lease, and parking issues - the church needs to be moved in order to preserve it. The building - the first church built in Englewood way back in 1928 - will be put up on beams and driven to it's new location. But not very fast and it will take some time, "...approximately three hours and at walking speed, " according to Esther Horton of the Lemon Bay Historical Society. 

The cost will be around $200,000 - raised with grants and donations - and will take place on September 11th. For more about the history of the building click here

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