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Here's why palm trees are being removed in Venice

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VENICE, FL (WWSB) - You asked and we found the answer!

More than 70 palm trees are being removed in downtown Venice and a lot of people have reached out to ABC7 Sarasota to express deep concern and dismay - but don't worry!

The palm trees are being removed as part of the downtown beautification construction project. The trees, which are marked by pink ribbons, were either damaged from past storms, diseased or in the way of road improvements. But fear not, Venice!

"People are worried that they're cutting down some of the trees. There's going to be a lot more trees added that people will see. More than they even see today," assured Len Bramble, Assistant City Manager. "I think people will really enjoy it once it's done! In the meantime, we have to grin and bear it through the construction project."

Bramble tells ABC7 Sarasota that more than 300 trees will be a part of the upgraded landscaping in downtown Venice and the improvements on West Venice Avenue are scheduled to be completed by October.

In the meantime, the local government is encouraging everyone to continue to shop at your favorite shops and restaurants, which are open during construction. As part of the project, there will be more accessible crosswalks and additional parking.

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